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Sean O'Reilly Senior editor

MPEG Video Wizard DVD is a handy application, designed to help you edit your videos and create DVDs from them. This program doesn’t require any additional tools yet it can work with a lot of media formats and it enables you to burn DVDs directly from its interface.

MPEG Video Wizard DVD offers numerous 2D and 3D effects as well as a vast array of customization options which will help you obtain some great looking results.
Furthermore, when creating DVDs, you will be able to save a lot of time with the help of a great number of templates which the application provides.

What I like about MPEG Video Wizard DVD is that it manages to nicely harmonize efficiency with convenience. This means that although this feature-rich program has all the functions that any advanced user will require, it can still be easily operated by beginners, due to its intuitive graphical interface.

The only thing that can be considered to be a drawback is that it will only allow you to save your output files in MPEG and WBD formats (DVDMaker project file). Although this fact is pretty much implied by the name of the program, it would still be nice if it could offer a few alternatives.

To wrap things up, MPEG Video Wizard DVD is an efficient tool that I recommend, as even if it may seem a bit expensive, the functionality that the program offers makes it worth its price.


  • The program offers a fast processing speed.
  • It features an intuitive GUI.
  • It provides numerous audio and video effects.


  • Will only export your edited videos in MPEG format.
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    Guest 2 years ago

    Actually, you can export to multiple formats, including .avi and .mp4. In fact, the .mp4 creation interface is particularly versatile and helpful, and the output is great.
    Anyway, I love this program and its unorthodox but extremely intuitive interface where you break the videos into squares that you can copy, paste, delete, apply effects to, etc. It's actually an addictive interface.
    And if your input is an MPG or VOB, the file manipulation is incredibly smooth and frame accurate.
    The program has some quirks (and in a few ways I liked 4.0 even more, although in other ways 5.0 is better), but overall I couldn't imagine being without this unique editor.

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    Guest 3 years ago

    Great program (referring to the older version). The new version 5 has built upon the capabilities of the version 4, and added some new features and enhancements.
    I feel this is the best MPEG-2 editing software released.

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    Alexicus 6 years ago

    best program


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